For the support of the design process on the basis of Building Information Modelling (BIM) you can find digital product data from manufacturers on these websites. Our application delivers BIM data out of the field of building services for architects, building owner, installer, designer and software companies. It is possible to select a single product of a manufacturer or to select the complete product range like heat pumps and download the chosen digital product data. Moreover the application offers the possibility to export the geometrical data including the technical information of the selected single product into different formats like REVIT, IFC, DWG, DXF or STEP.

The exact use of this portal is explained in more detail in the following video .

In addition, another video shows how to link the portal and the stored data with an application software.

With this application all technical digital product data for different use cases like calculation, CAD-design or procurement are provided without any charge. Product details can be shown by the usage of the integrated 3D-Viewer and the selected product could be exported into the individual software program.

The electronical product data exchange with the interface VDI 3805 is supported from software companies which are listed in the area „Partner“. Additionally you can find in this area associations who support the digital product data exchange for BIM.



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