Standardized formats for building services


VDI 3805

Design and dimensioning of products and systems in the field of HVAC and Sanitary is nowadays done with software. Backing this process on the basis of Building Information Modelling (BIM) digital product data are necessary. VDI 3805 standardized these digital data for products in the fields of HVAC and Sanitary.

The goal is to unify the recording of the required digital data to provide data from one single database for the different kind of use cases. This application can also be used by software which has no VDI 3805 interface to search and import desired product data. The user exported the required product data (CAD and/or technical data in the desired format) from our database. Through the application all users working with digital data can easily find and use digital data whereby mistakes and expenditure of time are minimized.


ISO 16757

At the moment the ISO 16757 „Product Data for Building Services System Model“ will be developed within the ISO/TC 59 „Buildings and civil engineering works“ SC 13 „Organization of information about construction works“ and shall bring the established standard VDI 3805 into an international standardized format. First the basic principles will be defined in the parts 1 to 5. Part 1 describes the general concept of this standard series including the architecture and the model. Part 2 defines how the geometry could be described. Part 3 the possible programming language will be defined including the description of possible functions. Part 4 describes the connection between ISO 16757 to other BIM standards and Part 5 will define the format for the product data exchange. All standards within ISO/TC 59 belong to Building Information Modelling (BIM) so that ISO 16757 is elaborated in close connection to all other ISO standards for BIM.

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