Web-Service Downloads

The BIMforHVAC portal offers its cooperation partners a web service. This web service gives the software company the possibility to interactively access almost all data of the portal and to process these directly in their program. This includes the following calls.

The service description allows you to see all input and output parameters.

Various web services are offered to display the status of the VDI3805 file or the VDI3805 catalog.
Returns the full list of manufacturers with their catalogs (including the date of this status quo).
Returns data for one catalog of one selected manufacturer.
Returns data for all catalogs of one selected manufacturer.
Returns data for all catalogs of one VDI3805 part of all manufacturers at BDH VDI3805 portal.
WebServices are also offered to show the content and structure of the VDI3805 file.
Returns the structure of the selected catalogue in a tree structure for the VDI3805 record types record type 010, record type 100, record type 110 as well as record type 800 and record type 810.
Returns the data of a product, as an XML file, based on the TGA number selected in `'CatalogStructure'. The structure of the data is described in the XML Schemes.

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