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Programs (status 08/08/2018)

Name Trimble - Plancal nova
Program type Calculation, Simulation, CAD
Description Plancal nova is the ideal platform for an end-to-end workflow of construction projects and stands for quality, continuity and reliability in regards to your daily business. The software consists of an independent CAD kernel and integrated calculations. Thanks to its extensive 3D modelling capabilities and manufacturer content it also allows for a smooth BIM workflow.
VDI3805/02 Heating valve assemblies (open VDI-interface and via web service)
VDI3805/03 Heat generators (open VDI-interface)
VDI3805/06 Radiators, heating and cooling convectors (open VDI-interface and via web service)
VDI3805/14 Ventialtion and air-conditioning silencer (open VDI-interface)
VDI3805/17 Potable water fittings (open VDI-interface and via web service)
VDI3805/29 Pipes, canals and fittings (open VDI-interface)


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